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My younger brother recently got an old Blackberry Curve from a family friend and the phone got me thinking about many things, one of which is the great power that patience holds upon our existence as humans. Flashback to 2009/2010, Blackberry phones were like today’s iPhone 7s. The craze for the phones was so much that many would do anything, I repeat, anything to have one of those phones. To be considered as a big boy or big girl then, you must own a Blackberry. Without wasting your time dear reader, blackberry phones are obsolete today. You can’t even use WhatsApp, ordinary WhatsApp o on some of these phones today!

As humans, the fact that we can be tempted and overwhelmed by our temptations cannot be denied neither should we deny the fact these temptations can be overcome also. You didn’t get that line? Please read again.

Every day, you will be torn between being a saint or becoming another devil incarnate in the course of acquiring material wealth but you should always have this in mind, all wealth acquired today will one day, become obsolete. I remember how big men in my neighbourhood used to spend so much on a particular model of the Mercedez Benz which was at that time, like G-Wagons or Porsche Boxters today. Those men cannot even show off their cars today.

Nothing is bad in acquiring wealth dear reader but a lot is wrong with trying to get it by all means. You are a hustler today and you are the only member of your clique who doesn’t own the latest phone or car? Wait for it! You have been seeking admission for many years and the only way out seem to be an illegal way, wait for it. You may be thrown out of school the very year you gain the admission remember. All your friends are married and dear sister, you are tired of being nominated to be the chief bridesmaid of another friend’s wedding, wait for him. If you rush your relationship, you may be forced to rush out in no time. Dear brother, you have doubled and even tripled your hustle but you are still to make a headway, don’t even think of dirtying your hustle. You are a writer, you own a blog but your blog is not getting enough traffic and you think plagiarizing other writers’ works is the way out? Wait for it! 

Waiting is boring obviously but sincerely, it pays off eventually. Let people laugh at you, let them tell you that you are dull, let them say you are dumb but remember one thing, when the evil consequences of your actions befall you, you alone will bear the consequences. While you wait however, you should make concrete plans of achieving your dreams. If you don’t, your wait will be in vain. I am not cursing, it is the truth.

Till tomorrow, enjoy the rest of today and what else? Wait for it! I don’t know what you are waiting for but just wait for it.

My name is Amos Adejimi, I welcome you to an inspirational Monday.

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  1. OLAYANJU Folasayo Micheal says:

    Having nothing to eat today? Just wait
    Having no job today although you are highly qualified? Wait
    Time we tell whether we are making positive plans towards achieving our dreams during the waiting period!
    A person that do not have food to eat today can feed thousands tomorrow.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely sir. Thank you for reading


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