The signs that the world will expire soon is just very obvious, one of those signs is the predominance of Sugar Daddies or Zaddy Yo as a friend on facebook said, and how they are robbing young men of healthy relationships. In the 80s, writers and romantics like me used to be every lady’s dream (If you like, say I am proud) but today, Zaddy yos have ruined that tradition. My brother, if you like, compose poetry than Shakespeare and Soyinka, most of these ladies today will not even be moved. They would rather spend a weekend at Eko Hotel watching Wande Coal speaking in tongues he cannot understand than attend a book reading event by Beautiful Nubia. Don’t blame them brother, it is the effect of the world we live in today and of course, the activities of our Daddy Yos.
Now to the letter proper, I want to congratulate our zaddy yos on their achievements. You must either be very hardworking or smartworking to have acquired those expensive properties that entice our slay queens. You must know however that your activities are killing shows for young men like me . I mean, how on earth would you offer to buy iPhone 7 for a lady whose boyfriend’s salary in a month cannot even buy Camon X? No, tell me, what exactly do you have in mind if not to ruin their relationship? My guy, Solomon has been considering Yahoo plus now, thanks to you. He thinks that if he doesn’t make it in time, all his prospective wives would be victims of your deceit. And please, don’t even blame Solo, he has had enough patience. Mercy, his first girlfriend didn’t live up to her name for she did not even have mercy on him when she met one Mr Leke, one of your kinds. Favour was just so unfavourable immediately she met one sugar daddy like that. And the last one, Kate! Oh! She was so loving, I envied Solo for having such a wonderful girlfriend but she too found a Zaddy yo.

Perhaps, you don’t know the magnitude of the consequence of your action, I will inform you sirs. As I said earlier, you are ruining relationships. Secondly, you are giving some young men excuses to be regular customers of EFCC. Because many young men have been disappointed by ladies, they want to get money by punching keyboards so that they can buy a Mercedez to attract ladies! Most guys want to “wire-wire”  and be a living thing or how does that 9ice song sounds like? All because of what dear sugar daddies? Your act of enticing ladies with wealth!

It will do you good to be informed that you are robbing Nigeria and the world at large of prospective change makers. How? Think of the many pregnancies you have asked your sugar babies to abort, think of the great good those aborted futures could do the world and ask yourself if you should not change your ways.

And in case you want to show your sugar babies this, I have some lines for them too for I know you can’t possibly have just one. Dear sugar baby, these sugar daddies don’t love you, they just love the pleasure they derive from you. They can’t even marry you remember. You see that young man with a future that your head has been avoiding but your heart yearns for? Stay with him so that you can proudly say that you helped built his future one day. Of course, he can’t afford more than a trip to the most affordable cinema in town and he may not even have money to buy Pop Corn and Coke but dear sister, stay with him.

I hope you change soon dear daddy yo.

Yours in the struggle against sugardaddyism,

Amos Adejimi


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