Have you always been hyper-sensitive about your surroundings? Mostly about people around you. Have you always had the feeling that people are talking about you when you walk by? A little giggle or laugh gets your attention, you always think everyone is talking about you. You pay a lot of attention to side talks, gossips and how people feel about you. Pleasing everybody is your thing, you don’t wanna fall into anyone’s bad book, you want no bad blood, you wanna be friend with everybody ( you’re just a wanna be) and you’re so consumed with satisfying other’s need, and most of your replies are YES, YES, YES, you hardly say NO, your decision making is so poor, yet the decisions you make affect you gravely. You prefer satisfying others rather than yourself. You’ve literarily killed your assertiveness and the blood is in your hands.

Now you’re cool with everybody, no enemies, yet you still feel a void, you still have the feeling of not  being worthy enough to be amidst of these your so called people, you feel you’re not up to their standard. So you resolve to speaking less, you hardly talk amidst everybody, because you feel they’ll find fault in what you say, maybe they’ll say you’re not speaking the grammar right. Your confidence level is infinitesimal and speaking in public is a nightmare. You’ve lost concentration about your life purpose and it seems everybody is just using you to get what they need. It’s you they call on when they need help, but when things are going good you’re the last they remember. Your decision is directed by “what will people say?” The dream you’ve once had has turned to an illusion and you’re left with no clear goal, your purpose in life is blur and you’re scared of what the future will bring. So you resolved to get self-confidence from strangers on social media. Instagram likes brings you joy, facebook positive comments project you into lime light of media fame and your new goal is circled around social media, you hardly have time to think about yourself worth. Your destiny is literarily being directed by people around you.

Your real-self is locked up in a cage with your potentials. Every day, your real self yearns for reconstruction of your soul, reengineering of your body and the redevelopment of your mentality, your real-selft tries to remind you of what you’re made of and what you’re meant to be, but just couldn’t think out of the box because you’re not fighting against the inferiority complex which you’ve given in to. 

Kings and Queens, you’re so much more than what you think of yourself, you have the potential to be whoever you want to be, you don’t damn need anyone’s permission to live your life. Never lay your crown down and put on rags, you’re a King! And your kingdom will suffer the consequences of your inability to be decisive about your purpose in life. Don’t let inferiority direct your life, you’re meant to be great just like every other individual and even more than everyone. Believe in yourself, and your success will be skyrocketing. Be real, be yourself, be free. YOLO…




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