Her crave for blood is scary, always wanting more, a little drop couldn’t quench her taste no more. Who would have thought she had this hidden in her? If he had known, he wouldn’t have reached to her, he wouldn’t have triggered her deepest desires.

Who would’ve thought she had that in her? She’s beautiful, charming, kind hearted, soft and loveable. She’s such a taste for every guy. He reached out unto her, at first she seems not to notice, all the signs I’m throwing are flagged down like he was staying on the offside position, not knowing he was being warned to stay clear off. Then he triggered her emotions, she succumb to the pressure, they started seeing things from the same angle. Lot of talks, chats, calls… they were too close, just in a blink of an eye. It was so magical. Thought his Smigo has found “my precious” he clung unto her and never had the intention of losing, then he remembered how easy it is for him to relate with someone new, it’s always like they’ve met before. So he wasn’t so sure of what he felt, he has never been so sure, kinda complicated. What he thought he needed might not really be the tick after having it. Several cases of… that’s a gist for another day.

 Several times she warned of how much she doesn’t want to, but she has been captured by his charming gestures. They fell into the same circle and it started out as planned. Then on this fateful day, out of his curiosity and inquisitive mind, he trickled a drop, it was as if he was about to awake the dead. He felt alive, she felt it more, but you wouldn’t know because she gave a poker face that hid her true feelings. Again she warned, “Never do that again” in her words. He was still curious, why shouldn’t I? He wondered, maybe it’s a joke, maybe she meant the opposite of what she said… fortunately, she meant the opposite as he has thought, but she couldn’t just lay her guards down and ask. What would he think of her if she does? Then it happened again, this time she couldn’t hide it, she went all in for the kill, about to drain every ink of blood in him. He thought that was the peak of it, he thought that was the limit, not knowing she’s just getting started. He was surprised, but at the same time thought it was normal. She was remorseful after her deed and she apologized. He thought she reached sobriety and it wouldn’t happen again. Then again, the devil in him reached out to the devil in her, in one accord they conjure and reached out to their innermost desires. She almost sucked life out of him, he barely escaped, yet she crave for more and every minute she’s in search of him. The beast has been unleashed, who’s going to tame her back to the cage it came from?

I realized, out of every precious thing, there is a hidden beast, we all just know how to tame the monster deep within.  We’re all imperfect creatures.


(NB: most words are used figuratively and doesn’t depict their true meaning.)


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